Noticing the Details: Bird-like Talons of Xianyun in Genshin Impact

Reddit users share their excitement & unique interpretations about Genshin Impact character Xianyun’s bird-like talons.

Genshin Impact players were in a flutter when user Knight_Steve_ pointed out the talon-tastic detail in Xianyun’s (Cloud Retainer’s) human form, specifically her bird-like fingernails.


  • Xianyun’s raptor-esque nails sparked a discussion with users offering humorous and insightful feedback.
  • Some users suggest this detail is far more significant than initially stated.
  • The community appreciates these meticulous subtleties of character design.

Big Or Little Detail

User Leviathan-King playfully argued that Xianyun’s talons are not a ‘little detail’, but instead a ‘huge detail’. Another user, Siwakonmeesuwan agreed, adding that this revelation was a ‘big detail’ they had just discovered.

Amusing Speculations

Both KaiserNazrin and PGM991 took a more comedic approach, speculating about the potential dangers presented by Xianyun’s taloned hands, with KaiserNazrin jokingly stating that Xianyun will need to ‘handle them carefully’ and PGM991 humorously cautioning not to upset Xianyun, since a single slap from her could be lethal.

Appreciation Of Character Design

Finally, LivingASlothsLife talked about Xianyun’s overall spectacular design and why it was easy to miss those talons during initial gameplay. Thanks to this discussion, players might now keep an eye out for typically overlooked features in the game.

Through this spirited discussion about a single, small feature in a game character’s design, the Genshin Impact community once again demonstrates its passion for the game and attention to detail. It’s always these ‘little big details’ that create a deeper connection for gamers, don’t they?