Navigating the World of Fortnite: Unpacking the Mystery of V-Bucks in STW

Dive into the Fortnite community’s thoughts on the utilization of V-Bucks in the game’s Save the World (STW) mode.

Fortnite, the online gaming sensation, has lately been the source of some curiosity for its players, particularly surrounding the use of V-Bucks in the game’s Save the World (STW) mode.


  • V-Bucks can be utilized across both Battle Royale and STW modes, though only for item shop and Battlepass purchases.
  • The ability to earn V-Bucks through STW tasks has been discontinued for those who started playing post June 2020, restricting it to pre-June 2020 ‘founders’.
  • ‘Founders’ also have the exclusive advantage of earning free V-Bucks simply through daily log-ins.
  • STW is a one-time purchased perpetual play license, bringing immense value to the player.

Solving the STW V-Bucks Mystery

Players have expressed mixed feelings about this issue. One user, V1ctyM, explained that ‘VBucks can only be used in BR’. He elaborated that one can still complete easy missions for STW but daily missions need to be unlocked by making some progress in the STW campaign, a piece of knowledge possibly not well-known among the Fortnite community.

STW’s Perpetual License

Another widely discussed point was the nature of the STW license. Several users, including Agreeable-Ad9445 and TheBrownYoshi, confirmed that STW is a one-time purchase, providing a ‘pay once, play forever’ model. This goes far in clearing the cloud of uncertainty that seemed to surround the topic.

Earning V-Bucks: A Founder’s Privilege

TheBrownYoshi, shed light on an important aspect – the role of ‘Founders’. According to him, the only route to get V-Bucks from STW, beside the 1000 V-Bucks deal, is by purchasing a Founder’s Pack which is now only available through expensive codes. This makes it a relatively exclusive means for players to get their hands on those coveted V-Bucks.

Through this introspective look into the world of Fortnite from the eyes of its very players, it’s fascinating to see the multi-layered dynamics of the ever-popular title. For now, the mystery of the STW V-Bucks seems to be unraveled, thanks to the vigilant Fortnite community. And as __Just4Guy__ puts it, regardless of the V-Bucks conundrum or the intricacies of STW, Fortnite definitely is a ‘great game’, loved by all and sundry.