Navigating the Warzone: Unveiling the Top 3 Mid-Long Range Choices for MW3/WZ3

Uncover the top mid-long range choices for MW3/WZ3 in Warzone and discover more about the post, comments, and Reddit sentiment behind it.

Finding the right weapon is key to survival in Warzone, the popular free-to-play battle royale part of the Call of Duty franchise. A post titled “Top 3 Mid-Long Range for MW3/WZ3” has sparked quite a discussion among the Warzone community. This spirited debate offers players a crystal-clear view of what the community thinks about the top-tier assets for mid-long range combat in Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone Season 3.


  • The post does not appear appreciated by the community, generating negative commentary accusing the author of dishonest behaviour.
  • Feedback from members suggests an ongoing negative perception towards the author cited as a proven cheat.
  • The continued activity of the author suggests a level of indifference or ignorance towards public consensus according to some users.

User Feedback and Community Sentiment

Analysing the reactions effectively, it becomes apparent that the community is not thrilled with the author’s input; user WilllEmerson described his post as a prime example of deceit, expressing his views humorously yet emphatically: “This is what cheating looks like.”

The Player Known as ‘bboybroccoli’

Common consensus labels the author as a notorious cheater; user Ancient_Chart_8410 urges the community to downplay his contribution and move on, expressing his frustration quite clearly by stating: “Downvote all of his stuff and move on.”

Persistent Engagement despite Negative Perception

Despite the community largely being against him, bboybroccoli continues to persist, user Opeoppies highlights his consistent presence: “It’s crazy because he still posts.”

In the bigger picture, the Warzone community highly values integrity and fair play. Being labelled as a cheater has essentially ground any influence or credibility ‘bboybroccoli’ had to a halt. It serves as a reminder to all players that reputation is key, and that community sentiment can and will significantly impact one’s engagement in the space. Whether ‘bboybroccoli’ manages to regain trust is a story yet to unfold.