Navigating the Rough Seas of Genshin Impact’s RNG Luck: Community Insight on Overcoming Artifact Despair

Dive into the community strategies from Genshin Impact players for dealing with the game’s unpredictable artifact RNG system.

Anyone who’s played Genshin Impact knows the rollercoaster of feelings when it comes to artifact farming. One user, ‘TheGamingTurret’, recently sparked a heated discussion regarding this topic.


  • By and large, the Genshin Impact community seems to have adopted a Zen approach to the arc of bad luck in relic-hunting quests, accepting it as an inherent part of the game, as echoed by ‘ShadowFlarer’ in his comment.

  • Laughter, it seems, is the best medicine, with many commenters like ‘DRAGUNNYUOOOH’, openly expressing their frustration with humor and sarcasm.

  • The prevalent strategy seems to be taking breaks, shifting focus, playing other games or doing things completely unrelated to gaming, to reset and escape the vicious cycle of disappointment, as suggested by ‘R4ND0M_0BS3RV3R’.

The Zen Approach

Adopting a Zen approach, or accepting whatever outcome the game has in store, came up repeatedly in the responses. One line that comes to mind is a simple, yet profound quip from ‘ShadowFlarer’: “It is what it is”

Laughter and Sarcasm

In this online gathering of Genshin enthusiasts, many displayed a sharp sense of humor to cope with the disappointment of RNG fortune, or the lack thereof. For instance, user ‘DRAGUNNYUOOOH’ amusingly admitted to the cycle of despair, stating, “I just uninstall if I go a week without a single upgrade… then reinstall the following patch.”

Refreshing Strategy

Others, like ‘R4ND0M_0BS3RV3R’ recommended taking a break altogether, suggesting other activities like playing a different game, enjoying outdoor breaks, or grabbing a bite to eat to hit the refresh button on their artifact luck. This commentator quipped, “Log out, play another game, touch grass, eat something, do chores, log back in, grind, REPEAT….”

And finally, in the ever-spinning wheel of Genshin Impact, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned traveler, remember the underlying mantra: Keep Calm, Carry On, and pray to the RNG overlords for brighter days ahead.