Navigating the Final Challenges in Fortnite: A Community Perspective

Experience a deep-dive into users’ insights on one of Fortnite’s gauntlets that has the gaming community on its toes.

In the riveting world of Fortnite, seasoned and novice gamers alike are often found discussing the challenges they’re facing in their gaming journey. Particularly, a recent post by ‘No-Pack-2167’ caught our attention wherein the player shared that he successfully completed another challenging task and now, only two remained unachieved, soliciting goodwill for the final boss.


  • Gamers are facing extreme difficulty in completing PWO, with some describing the process as mentally draining.
  • The grind in Fortnite’s STW is seen as tiresomely boring compared with other video games.
  • Completing banners seems to be a timely task, sparking curiosity about the time taken to achieve them.

Facing the Intense Trials

‘Henry2882’ aptly summed up the sentiment by wishing good luck, stating that PWO is extremely difficult. “Good luck with PWO“, says Henry2882, mirroring the intensity of the challenge.

Sharing the Struggle

‘JSTREO’ builds upon this, discussing the mental drain from PWO and describing the challenge as potentially powerful enough to destroy anyone’s fun and enjoyment in STW. “The mental drain from PWO is powerful” according to JSTREO.

The Lengthy Route to Banners

‘Lloyd1k_yt’, on the other hand, steered the discussion to another topic, asking the original poster about the time spent acquiring the banners. His question, “how long did it take u to get the banners?” denotes the curiosity in the community about the commitment required for these gaming achievements.

The Protracted Challenge of PWO

‘wizard680’ gave a piece of advice for future challenges stating that PWO, in his opinion, should be undertaken first as it takes the longest amount of time, “Man you should have started the PWO first” he advised wisely.

The gaming community offers valuable insights on to difficult tasks within a game, especially for Fortnite, where sharing your journey can result in helpful advice from fellow players.