Navigating Genshin Impact: Debating Melusines’ Classification

Dissecting a heated discussion over the proper terminology for Melusines in the game Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact, the popular action RPG, has recently ignited a surprisingly contentious debate within its online player community over the classification of Melusines, one of the game’s non-playable character groups.


  • Online debate about whether Melusines should be addressed as ‘creatures’.
  • Jokes and threats about the in-game punishment from the Neuvillette faction.
  • Some players highlighting the game’s rules about attacking hostile versus non-hostile creatures.

Creeping Legalities in Fontaine

Melusines seem to be well-protected within the borders of Fontaine, based on one comment by Low_Artist_7663 quipping, ‘By the way, it’s against the law in Fontaine to refer to melusines as “creatures”.’ Capitalizing on that, other users found a funny angle to the issue. For example, geotia playfully warned that Neuvillette, one of the factions in the game, is ‘gonna kill’ the post author for such a classification.

Hostility Matters?

Player classification of NPCs isn’t arbitrary. Genshin Impact does differentiate between hostile and non-hostile characters, as 6FRanger pointed out in a point-blank comment, stating ‘Hostile creatures don’t count, like oceanid, or slimes, or someone with a gun.’

Reprecussions of Misclassification

Beyond entertaining in-game threats of punishment, some users offered other explanations for the post author’s struggle. A comment from Unicorn0079 suggested a shortage of ‘credit coupons’ might be the problem. Even though though this was meant to be amusing, it brings an important gameplay aspect into the spotlight.

In the end, this spirited online discussion highlighted both Genshin Impact’s detailed game dynamics and its engaging player community. It’s indeed a massive game world where the choice of words counts, even when you’re referring to NPCs. Always remember the golden rule – when in doubt, don’t call Melusines ‘creatures’. Elemantary gaming diplomacy, am I right?