Navigating Genshin Impact 4.3 Banners: To Pull or Not to Pull?

Peeling the layers of Genshin Impact community sentiment on the upcoming 4.3 Banners through player conversations.

Player decisions in Genshin Impact’s free-to-play universe can be quite challenging, especially when it comes to looming banner pulls. A Redditor who goes by “ErrosFB76” is feeling just that dilemma, which he shared in an insightful post.


  • ErrosFB76 is torn between pulling in Raiden, Ayaka, or Navia’s banner.
  • The pull is for fun and story progression, not meta or abyss try-harding.
  • Several users offered tips, such as prioritizing according to preference, not chasing constellations, and keeping an eye out for reruns.

Community Sentiment

According to the various responses from the Genshin Impact community, most players seem to sway towards what we, at the end of the day, play the game for – fun. As Tryukach09 notes, if one doesn’t pay heed to meta trends, they should go with their heart and pull for characters they enjoy playing.

Choices, Choices

Several users provided a more realistic view of an F2P player’s experience. For instance, 9thdragonkitty advises not chasing constellations and instead expecting to collect one of each desired character. They also recommended watching out for major reruns like Nahida and newcomer Arlecchino, both anticipated with gusto by the community.

Gems of Wisdom

When it comes to character performance, TyrifficAdventure provides a thoughtful analysis of each character’s ability and potential. They underline the excellence of all three characters – Raiden, Ayaka, and Navia – even at C0. Notably, emphasis is put on Navia’s skill-set, which according to Vinisims, offers more continuous joy and action while exploring compared to Ayaka’s burst mode.

At the end of the day, whether you are chasing the meta or pursuing a good story, remember that the game is here for your enjoyment. As the choices between banners become tougher and the wishes we can make become fewer, may your pulls be lucky and your decision making be ever wiser!