Navigating FPS Issues in Warzone: A Look at the 3060ti Debate

Unraveling the chatter: does the 3060ti GPU provide optimal FPS in Warzone, or are gamers left wanting more?

Warzone, the high-octane battle royale game, has sparked a lively discussion, particularly around graphics card performance, specifically the 3060ti. A player questioned why their 3060ti was only retrieving 90 FPS while set on unlimited in Urzikstan.


  • Understanding performance, players note factors such as resolution and settings are crucial.
  • Listeners respond seeking more information on PC specs for a well-rounded perspective.
  • Discussion unveils the necessity of having a well-optimized system for optimal gameplay.

Are you sure it’s not locked?

A counter-proposal by ‘Affectionate-Foot802’ challenges the notion, citing personal experience with the same card, and hits around 170-200fps on 1080 resolution once settings are tuned. The user adds a gently humorous reminder to check if the display itself might be unintentionally capped at 90 FPS. By deftly questioning key details, they bring a new dimension to the conversation, shining a light on the myriad of factors that contribute to performance. This ground-level insight underscores the necessity of not just potent hardware, but also savvy configuration.

Is there more to this story?

‘Ejpitty,’ another commentator, echoes this sentiment with a request for more comprehensive specs. Even as they jab lightly at the lack of information in the original post, they underscore the value of a complete hardware picture when diagnosing performance issues. It serves as an amicable reminder that one component does not an entire gaming rig make, affirming the importance of comprehensive system consideration when tweaking game settings.

Clearly, Warzone provides an excellent canvas for hardware performance debates. In grappling with frame rates, players are driven to unpack their system’s full potential and where that potential might be stumbling. It’s a heartening testament to the collaborative spirit of gamers, ready to jump into any thread to lend advice and share experience. When FPS issues arise with any hardware—be it a 3060ti or otherwise—forums just might be the best place to dig up answers. Just don’t forget to share your whole rig’s specs!