Mysterious Gun Silence in Warzone: A Player’s Enigma

Warzone players experience strange gun glitches. Your shots are silent? You might not be alone!

Our beloved Warzone players seem to have stumbled upon a mystery, or should I say misfire? Some players, such as our friend SeifuSpicy, have reported a strange phenomenon where guns stop firing during close-quarter combat. Just imagine building up the adrenaline, aiming your SMG at the enemy, and then – silence. Not quite the sound of victory we were hoping for, right?


  • The issue of guns not firing is seemingly common among players.
  • It impacts players using both PCs and controllers.
  • There is a possibility of a possible connection to specific in-game settings.
  • The situation is unpredictable and intermittent, leading to frustration.

Experiencing the Silence

“So many times I’ve had the trigger on the controller fully pressed and nothing happens when in close quarters. The enemy must think \”why is this weirdo just aiming his gun at me and not firing?!\”” – sausage_botherer. Others have shared similar experiences, which included questioning their button pressing abilities in the heat of the battle.

Is it the game, or is it me?

Endless debate ensues, with some even cross-checking their ammo levels in desperate attempts to rationalize the eeriness. “I thought it was just me. It happened a handful of times, enough to drive me crazy, then stopped happening. I don’t know what the issue is/was”admits Sure_Eggplant.

Seeking The Truth

There are few things as frustrating as an elusive bug, especially when you’re geared up and ready to take down those opponents. But hey, it doesn’t stop us from finding a solution, right? That’s why we love suggestions like these: “I would suggest everyone with those problems in this thread check your dead zone triggers , and put them on zero . It’s on 13 by default, and can cause micro/ macro delays”says BigDermFTW.

So, Warzone warriors, don’t let the silence dampen your spirits – keep fighting, keep gunning, and let’s hope the sounds of your victory reverberate through the battleground soon!