Meet Aurélie: The Bakery Owner in Genshin Impact’s Fontaine

An artistic rendition of a new character Aurélie, a bakery owner in Genshin Impact’s Fontaine, triggers fun speculations amongst the game’s community.

In a recent artistic revelation, a new character was introduced to the world of Genshin Impact: Aurélie, the bakery owner in Fontaine. Painted by a talented fan, sara_cervicato. this character has indeed baked up some excitement in the player community.


  • Character concept: Aurélie, a bakery owner in Fontaine, with adorable side buns mimicking croissants – as one user, Careless-Mouse6018, amusingly points out here.
  • Hot topic: What would be her weapon of choice? The options ranged from DimensionalToaster’s suggestion of a recipe book to Gregamonster’s recommendation of a rolling pin.
  • Fans are excited to see a potential cheeky rivalry between Aurélie and Xiangling, captured succinctly by user sex_with_noelle69’s comment here

Weapon Woes

While Aurélie’s character concept and design were universally praised, a heated discussion was sparked around her potential weapon of choice. A catalyst in the form of a recipe book was suggested by user DimensionalToaster, garnering some chuckles and agreements. Conversely, user Gregamonster took a slightly more conventional route, suggesting the said rolling pin as Aurélie’s weapon; potentially transforming an everyday baking essential into a mighty 4* sword. A third option came from iClockHatchet who envisioned an Alice in Madness Returns-inspired knife or cleaver for our bakery belle. It indeed appears that the possibilities are as varied as the baked goodies in Aurélie’s own bakery.

Rivalries and Revelations

Aside from the weapon debates, user sex_with_noelle69 brought an interesting dimension to the table. They envisioned an exciting rivalry between Aurélie and everyone’s favorite chef, Xiangling! This made for some playful banter and a lot of users wondered if the two culinary Queens would engage in an epic cook-off. A new update featuring such a storyline could certainly add more flavor to Genshin’s world of Teyvat.

Familiar Face or Fresh Bread?

Despite the excitement over the character concept, user PhoenixEvolver posed a question that many had on their minds: Did sara_cervicato create Aurélie before or after knowing that an actual character by the same name exists in the game? User hcreiG also raised this question in their comment. This curious inquiry certainly added an intriguing layer to the conversation and left people wanting to know more about these uncanny similarities.

The introduction of Aurélie has resulted in a flurry of excitement, humor, and speculation in the Genshin Impact community. The debates about potential weapons, possible culinary rivalries, and her uncanny resemblance to an existing character all serve to make Aurélie, the bakery owner from Fontaine, a delicious addition to Genshin Impact’s roster. Perhaps the creators will take note and turn this flavorful concept into a reality. Now, who wouldn’t want that freshly baked treat?