“Let’s Save it, May Come in Handy Later”: The Hoarder Mentality Unpacked in Genshin Impact Players

Examining the ‘Hoarder Mentality’ phenomenon gripping Genshin Impact players’ gaming strategy.

The post opens up a debate about a prevalent sentiment amongst Genshin Impact players, trying to understand the gaming strategy that revolves around saving, also humorously dubbed as the “Let’s save it, may come in handy later” disease.


  • This post has opened up an interesting topic that resonates among many players, the hoarder mentality.
  • It has sparked diverse perspectives from players, either justifying this gaming strategy or negating it.
  • The discussion has showcased different gaming strategies users have developed to progress in the game.

The Hoarder Mentality

As the title suggests, some of the Genshin Impact players have developed a gaming strategy where they save and hold onto their resources for subsequent use. “That’s what I call a \”hoarder mentality\”, and yes, I have it,” comments -Getsuga-. Other players like Juuichi_kun and Chenki also seem to follow a similar approach.

The Immediate Use Advocates

However, not everyone aligns with the hoarder mentality. A comment from MlgEpicBanana69 indicates a switch of approach after a significant point in the game, “After ar45, I switched…”. Other players like Jake355 shared that due to streaming, he leans more towards immediate use as Resin leads to more content.

Resin Readiness

Another interesting takeaway from the discussion is the strategic use of Resin. Resin seems to be a valuable commodity in the game that players utilize intelligently based on their game progression requirements. Disasterpiece_666 shared an example of such a strategic use,”… 5 star artifacts but I’m keeping them again now, probably gor my second team”.

As interesting as this thread has been, it still doesn’t answer the question completely. So fellow adventurers, what’s your go-to gaming philosophy – epic hoarding, or spend-it-as-it-comes? A bird in the hand, or two in the bush? Well, whatever strategy you follow, remember, it’s all a game in the end. Happy gaming!