Journey to the Triple Crown: A Genshin Impact Player’s Triumph

One Genshin Impact fan’s journey to gaining enough ‘purple’ books to triple crown their character. Find out more!

In the breathtaking world of Genshin Impact, players face countless challenges, grinding, and expense to stand atop the craterous realm of Teyvat. Let’s peek into one player’s notable achievement: ‘InfiniteDilucs’ managed to accumulate enough of the coveted ‘purple’ books to ‘triple crown’ their favoured character!


  • Despite the post’s modesty, accruing 114 gold (or ‘purple’) books is a monumental feat, requiring extensive farming and unwavering commitment. Viciator-Liandry9921 highlighted.
  • Contemplations on the practicality of such an endeavour echo within the thread, with both Propensity7 and Russell-Sprouts3 chiming in.
  • The visual distinction between ‘gold’ and ‘purple’ elicited some amusement from Hotspur000, questioning the community’s colour classification.

From Farming to Feats

This achievement underlines the dedication and effort required to triple-crown a single character in Genshin Impact significantly. The process involves gathering a pricey 63 blue books, nine green, and an imposing 114 ‘purple’ ones. The triumphant fan drew hearty congratulations from fellow players, with many expressing their awe at the feat and some amiably questioning the farming tactics and character choice behind it.

Investment or Impulse?

While the rarity and prestige attached to purple books might be a dead-set motivation for some Genshin Impact players, others couldn’t help but question the practicality and cost-effectiveness of collecting a whopping 114 books for a single character. Propensity7 raised an intriguing side-note about the Mora cost, tacitly challenging the viability of the triple crown journey.

The Colour Conundrum

The community’s classification of coins struck a humorous note with Hotspur000. The enlightened perspective about the appearances not necessarily aligning with their literal colours add a splash of light-hearted banter to the conversation.

All in all, ‘InfiniteDilucs’ achievement inspired a cascade of praise and thought-provoking discussions on strategy, spending, and the subtle art of colour classification in Genshin Impact’s world!