Journey Through ‘Genshin Impact’: A Tale of Inazuma’s Legacy and What Followed

Exploring the transition in difficulty level across ‘Genshin Impact’s’ landscapes, from Inazuma to newer regions.

In the vast world of ‘Genshin Impact’, traversing the enchanting landscapes of Inazuma, Sumeru, and Fontaine has evoked varying levels of difficulty for its players. An intriguing discussion ignited by user huflit1997, centered around the perceived difficulty differences between these regions, with particular emphasis on the relatively challenging exploration and combat scenarios in Inazuma.


  • The terrain and enemy difficulty have fluctuated in different regions, with Inazuma notably being challenging.
  • Subsequent regions such as Sumeru and Fontaine have been perceived easier, both in terms of combat and puzzles.
  • Many players anticipate if the upcoming region, Natlan, will present a harder challenge or continue the stable, easier trend.

Insights from Players

‘Too many people complained about the Inazuma puzzles/region being too hard, so they deliberately made it easier in the newer regions,’ stated MaJuV.

Overcoming the Learning Curve

‘It’s not entirely that the latter two nations are “easier” so much as going to Inazuma changed us,’ suggested notthatjaded. This echoes a widespread sentiment where Inazuma’s initial difficulty spike served to groom players, making subsequent regions seem less challenging.

Designers’ Perspective

‘The designers have just gotten better at presenting’ the puzzles, believes JadedIT_Tech, suggesting the perceived ease in newer regions is due to better game design rather than purely reduced difficulty levels.

When it comes to ‘Genshin Impact,’ players’ opinions and experiences are as divergent as the game’s teeming landscapes. Navigating through Inazuma’s deadly thrills, uncovering Sumeru’s secrets, or wading through Fontaine’s unchartered waters, every step is a learning curve. The consensus seems to indicate that moving forward, newer regions are finding a balance in providing challenge and enjoyment. But as they say, ‘The journey is the reward,’ and the chased thrill of ‘Natlan’ continues…