Jing Liu’s Swords in Honkai: Star Rail – The Community’s Perspectives

Delve into the Honkai: Star Rail subreddit topic share, debating over Jing Liu’s depicted swords. Who scores sharpened edge superior?

Fans of the video game Honkai: Star Rail are back at it on the subreddit, engaging in a lively debate stirred by illustrator Yue_The_Asian. This time the conversation centers around the aesthetics and potential practicality of two swords depicted to be owned by the character Jing Liu.


  • The swords are admired, particularly their accurate representation in the game.
  • Preference is divided between the two swords, with some advocated for dual wielding.
  • Yue_The_Asian is open to suggestions for future illustrations and accepts feedback positively.
  • The swords size generates a discussion about practicality in combat.

The Fan Preferences

Interestingly, the fans are torn between choosing their favorite. User ShuraGam suggests ‘just dual wield those things!’, emphasizing the community’s excitement. Meanwhile, Deft_Abyss enjoys the ‘more manageable’ second sword while appreciating the first comically large anime ice sword.

The Craftsman’s Insight

Yue_The_Asian, the illustrator who sparked the discussion, shares an open invitation for the fans to check out his other works and to offer suggestions for the future designs. This proactive interaction provides a deeper insight, illustrating the artist’s willingness to be influenced by fan-led discussions.

Comic Responses

Some fans take a more comedic perspective to these sword debates. Topidhai suggests choosing both swords – ‘1 in each hand’, while KindredScarlet suggests going for ‘the big ol’ sword’ when in doubt.

Overall, the disparity in fan preferences underscores the game’s rich fictional universe. The debate gives us a slice of the fun, camaraderie, and passion that makes the Honkai: Star Rail community so vibrant. From entertainingly large swords to artful portrayals, this sword controversy proves yet again how a creative spark can ignite a fun and engaging community conversation.