Is This The Mysterious Pyro Archon in Genshin Impact? Player’s Theory Explored

Analyzing the intriguing post and the community reactions about the speculated Pyro Archon in Genshin Impact.

In the popular action role-playing game Genshin Impact, user ‘face_ymep’ stirs an intriguing conversation with a post labeled ‘Is this Pyro Archon?’. This post sparked various speculations and theories among the players.


  • Some users speculate Pyro Archon may be a character from another game
  • Others postulate it’s about in-game clues and crossovers
  • Numerous references to ‘Mr. aPPLe’ stirred curiosity

The Mr. aPPLe Theory

User ‘medullapox’ made a comment ‘Mr.aPPle’, which sparked the theory that Mr. aPPLe could be the rumoured Pyro Archon. On this speculation, ‘SexWithYae-Miko69’ inquired ‘Mr. aPPLe???’ continuing the intense speculation.

Speculations on Game Crossovers

With comments like ‘Bro’s posting natlan leaks’ by ‘xZakurax’, a few players started speculating about potential game crossovers. Users ‘leposterofcrap’, ‘This_Mode123’ and ‘mlodydziad420’ also pointed out references to the game ‘Reverse: 1999’.

Deductions from In-Game Clues

Users have started drawing their theories about Pyro Archon from in-game clues. A mysterious comment by ‘TacoFishFace’, ‘I don’t this this is a product of Storm reversal anymore. Where’s Regulus? She’s usually nearby’, piqued interest in gamers. ‘ColorfulMessVII’ also added into the mystery with the fun note: ‘An APPLe a day keeps the Dottore away.’

The post, though void of content itself, became an amazing gateway for a humorous yet insightful discussion between the game enthusiasts. The community gave birth to multiple theories and speculations regarding the Pyro Archon’s identity, making this post a gaming mystery