Is the ‘Devil May Cry X Fortnite’ Crossover on the Horizon?

Reddit users speculate on a possible ‘Devil May Cry X Fortnite’ crossover based on in-game clues found.

In the dynamic world of Fortnite, potential collaborations always fuel passionate debates among its users. The latest buzz circles around a potential ‘Devil May Cry X Fortnite’ crossover. Credit for this speculation goes to a keen-eyed Fortnite enthusiast, UntidyHexagon, who shared their observation with the community.


  • Initial post came from user UntidyHexagon, who credited javierarara.
  • Reactions to the speculation were largely positive, sparking lively discussion.
  • While many are hoping for the crossover, others remained skeptical.

What Are the Hints?

Commenting on this heated topic, DoktorDome emphasized the importance of confirming the details before jumping to conclusions, advising others to verify the images used for in-game reflections. While this comment might seem overly cautious, it highlights the often-overlooked fact that subtle, intricate clues in Fortnite often hold the key to future updates.

User Reactions

As always, the Fortnite community did not shy away from sharing their perspectives. An excited Mistap14 seemed thrilled at the prospect, with the idea of a ‘Devil Trigger Transformation’ emote ticking his coolness box. Meanwhile, user jcjduuuanfbess, kept their response simple yet effective with a supportive “I wish.” In face of such responses, it’s safe to say the excitement for this potential crossover is visible!

What Could the Merge Entail?

While it’s too early to pinpoint any specifics, the possibility of a crossover opens up a host of thrilling prospects. From emotes reflective of Devil May Cry’s universe to added equipment and character appearances, there’s much that can be done. The possibilities are virtually endless, making the prospect even more tantalizing for the fans.

As we wait for official news, the gaming community remains abuzz with handed-down theories, rigorously dissecting every update for possible hints. While half the fun lies here in the speculation and anticipation itself, one thing’s for sure – if this crossover is indeed happening, Fortnite and Devil May Cry fans are in for a treat!