Is it Time for a ‘Call of Duty: MW2 Remastered’ Release? Fans Weigh In

The Call of Duty community debates the need for a Modern Warfare 2 Remastered release.

The ‘Call of Duty’ community is buzzing with talk of a major update that many players would love to see come to fruition. In a passionate plea, user Moose193 calls for the release of a remastered version of Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer and SpecOps features, asserting that the move would reignite his love for the game.


  • Moose193 believes a MW2 Remastered would rejuvenate public interest in Call of Duty.
  • He cites the ‘pure fun and joy’ of Cod4 MW Remastered as a precedent.
  • He offers criticism of MW3 2023 as a motivating factor for his opinion.

User Opinions

Opinions on these sentiments vary widely within the Call of Duty player-base. For instance, heavencs117 in their comment hopes for a remastered MW3 campaign, while SpartanOcelot jokingly wishes for more variety in perks on the forum.

The Game Developers’ Perspectives?

From the game developers’ perspective, a MW2 Remastered version may remain a distant dream. scXIII expressed doubt pointing that a remastered version will ever come, attributing this to the preference given to creating new games over remastering old ones in their comment.

The Reality

The inevitable truth of video games is the continuous cycle of advancements and releases for newer versions. HEYitzED robbed us of any optimism asserting Activision most likely won’t care about community pleas for remasters. But hey, don’t lose hope – unless they’re right. Now, wouldn’t that be a bummer?

Not All is Lost

In these uncertain times, the Call of Duty community continues to passionately voice their opinions on their beloved game’s direction. Whether the Modern Warfare 2 remastered version is destined for release or not, it’s clear that the journey is filled with lively debates, laughter, and let’s not forget – a good dose of sass. Now, isn’t that something we all enjoy? Outrageous or not, let’s keep the good times (and the comments) rolling!