Investigating Fortnite Player Behavior: Solo Mode in Squads?

A post on a Fortnite forum touched on a popular topic – in-game behavior. We break down what we found.

Last week a user known as Drakedenson took to a popular online forum to voice his frustrations about player behavior in Fortnite. The post, titled ‘People still do this?’ gives a valuable insight into the game’s community and the current meta.


  • The post generated many conversations about poor team play, with users recounting their experiences.
  • Commenters expressed their frustrations about teammates who seem to be playing Solo Mode in a Squad game.
  • Some users suggested reporting players who are not playing as a unit.

Community Response

Many of the comments indicated a general frustration with random teammates not operating as a unit. User RosccoesWetsuit shared his view, saying ‘Randoms be like: idk wtf “squads” is but I’m gonna just abandon all forms of humanity and play it like its solos’. This sentiment was widely echoed across the comments.

Dealing with Problematic Players

User OkamiRoxas had a simple solution to this issue, suggesting players ‘Just report them’. This sparked a conversation about the reporting system in Fortnite and how effective it may be. Some users agreed, others remained skeptical.

Player Empathy

Some comments highlighted the empathetic side of the Fortnite community, with users offering support and shared experiences. User sevenoneSICKs said ‘Shit like this is why I don’t play with randoms’ which isn’t just apt, but it also encapsulates the frustrations other players feel as well.

A Light-hearted Perspective?

A user named Flora_TheOmniscient made the room laugh a bit by sharing a feisty gif stating ‘I’m coming for him…’ perhaps suggesting that getting back at the inconsiderate players can be a game within the game!

From the data, it’s clear that ‘going solo in squads’ is a major concern for the Fortnite community. While reporting is a viable solution some suggested, the issue does highlight a bigger question about player etiquette and behavior in multiplayer games. Perhaps it’ll lead to improved team play mechanics, or even heightened report system effectiveness. As the conversation continues, so will the game evolve, one patch (or player) at a time.