Insights into Fortnite: Weighing in on Zero Build vs Build Mode

Sharing thoughts and tips from Fortnite players on Zero Build and Build Mode options in Battle Royale.

In the Fortnite universe, a hot debate has been brewing on a Reddit post recently stirring interest and responses from players all around the globe. The contention? Zero build versus build mode in Fortnite Battle Royale. An active player, PeanutbutterPrincezz, initiated the discussions, stating that she favors the Zero Build mode but has been in awe of other players who can construct virtual architectural wonders in Build mode while she struggles to erect a simple wall.


  • The community is divided on the choice of play mode but it appears that there’s slightly more favor towards Zero Build mode for its simplicity and focus on gun-play.
  • Some players admire and appreciate Build mode for the competitive edge and creativity it allows, yet highlight the steep learning curve associated with it.
  • Several of the users have expressed a preference for alternating between the two modes to break the monotony and enjoy the best of both worlds.

Playstyles and Preferences

CoffeeBeanzplz‘s squad usually stick to Zero Builds as they find enjoyment in it, but they switch it up occasionally to keep things fresh and exciting. On the contrasting end, GoodCopYT passionately spoke about the thrill that comes with building, advocating for Build mode.

Unpacking the Build Mode

There are several players who have weighed in with constructive ideas on how to improve Build mode. jaqenjayz suggested directing focus on the basics instead of trying to erect mansions and five-star hotels, stating that complicated builds and edits aren’t necessary. GoodCopYT suggested practicing in creative mode, where players have an island of their own to hone their skills.

Laughter and Frustration

The thread had its own share of humor too, with lunykirimi suggesting a hilarious team-up strategy stating that one could build while the other could shoot, blindly admitting that they suck at building. In stark contrast, MikotoAri expressed such frustration with the whole debate that they uninstalled the game.

Considering the assortment of perspectives, it is clear that Fortnite’s pull lies in its ability to cater to a diverse range of player preferences. Whether it’s the raw shoot-outs of Zero Build mode or the frantic, creative construction of Build mode, Fortnite has everyone covered.