Innovation in Fortnite Creative: 2D Zombie Game with New Camera Code

An intriguing 2D zombie game in Fortnite’s Creative Mode is making waves among the community.

Fortnite, widely known for its engaging battle royale gameplay, is home to a Creative Mode with an equally vibrant community. A new post has piqued our interest where an enthusiastic player, b1amfs, created an intriguing 2D zombie shooter game utilizing Fortnite’s updated camera system.


  • The game is developed in Fortnite’s Creative Mode, offering an endless, 2D, zombie shooter experience.
  • Players can enhance their weapons and abilities via virtual coins picked up from defeated zombies.
  • The game leverages the new camera system in Fortnite which stirred a creative conversation among the community.

Community Interaction

Other players showed interest and curiosity in the mechanics of the game. swicklepick wondered if this was a product of the new Creative update, showing some struggles with his own use of the camera, while shu359 simply appreciated the fun aspect.

Stability Concerns

Interested in the perspective of publishing such maps, one user, youngLupe, raised a valid concern about the stability of such complex mechanics, citing his own experiences with crashes during testing. Such voices also remind us that while Fortnite Creative allows for innovation, it’s still a sandbox with its own limitations and quirks.

Inspiration and Learning

The creativity presented by b1amfs serves as an inspiration, offering a spark for other Fortnite players to venture into unexplored tactics and mechanics in the game. It further validates the value and ongoing evolution of Fortnite’s Creative Mode.

It’s exciting to see this blend of passion, creativity, and technology on display in the Fortnite member community. Such user-generated adventures turning to games manifest not only the diversity within the Fortnite gameplay but also how the players are leveraging the Creative mode to draft and share new visions of the gaming experience.