Hovering High with Emotes: The Fortnite Community Sounds Off

The Fortnite community shares their favorite emotes to do while riding a hoverboard in-game.

In the engaging world of Fortnite, virtual personalities never miss a chance to showcase their flamboyance, even while zooming around the map on hoverboards. The gamers are not just competitors, but performers too. The question posed by author Horse111111 branches off into bizarrely rib-tickling anecdotes from passionate Fortnite players about their favorite emotes during a glide session.


  • Partaking in in-game emotes on a hoverboard leads to fun and freedom
  • T-Pose emerges as a hilarious favourite among users
  • Users feel a drive to be visually amusing while playing.

The Joy of T-Pose

What’s leaning towards prominence amidst the jesting comrades of Fortnite is the lovable absurdity of the famed T-Pose emote. The sight of avatars doing flips while in a rigid T-posture seems to be a ‘hilarious’ hit among the players. As user K-boomX94 puts it, ‘T-pose. It looks hilarious to do flips while doing it.’

‘Phoning it in’

However, it’s not all about the T-Pose. There’s something inexplicably liberating about the ‘Phone It In’ emote as you ride around offering a ‘saxy soundtrack’ to other people’s battle. Tony_BasQue seems to resonate with this perception, ‘I never ride the hoverboards, only used them once… But mine would definitely be Phone It In, like you are doing right there.’

Varying Emote Choices

It’s clear that there’s no one-size-fits-all in the Fortnite’s comic universe. Some are enthused by the Detraction Dance. ‘Distraction Dance, it just feels fun doing flips while you’re distracting the lobby,’ professes SquareFickle9179. And then there are those like Vovchick09, who ‘don’t use any emotes since they prohibit me from zooming all around the place.’

Fortnight’s gratuitous space of expression is what keeps its fans entertaining and being entertained. The player’s sense of comical freedom resonates with their competitive spirit, and using emotes while zipping across the battlefield on hoverboards is just another amusing way of living this fusion.