Hot Takes on Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 – Perfection or Illusion?

Dissecting reddit hot takes on Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Perfect game or riddled with issues? Join the debate!

A recent heated discussion among fervent Call of Duty fans questioned the nature of the seemingly ‘perfect’ installment – Black Ops 2. With both praises and gripes tossed around, such argument showcased the passion fans foster for this Full Spectrum Warrior.


  • Fans agree that no game can be perfect, with a shared sentiment that even much-loved BO2 had its issues.
  • The game’s weaponry balance and map diversity are two high points among players.
  • There’s a communal feeling that the game has aged well, despite initial issues at launch.
  • Zombies, a polarizing topic, elicited mixed responses, with fans agreeing it wasn’t perfect initially but eventually became a fan-favorite feature.

Weighing the Weaponry

According to user playerlsaysr69, not all weaponry is created equal in BO2. They quoted, “It did have weapons that might’ve been weaker than others. I much rather have an M8A1 over a Swat 556.” However, they admirably remarked that the game garnered a level of balance where skill could outshine weapon choice.

Masterful Maps

Wave_Ethos pointed out the varied terrains and overall fun nature of the maps, adding to the game’s appeal. This nostalgia-infused praise highlights how the captivating maps have contributed towards the game’s enduring legacy.

Zany Zombies

Ducky935Alt confessed the initial lackluster state of Zombies. Despite this, they admit to growing to love the quirkiness of Tranzit, echoing the sentiments of several other brave souls.

In the grand scheme of digital warfare, being in the trenches certainly offers the best perspective. While the devs of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 may not have rolled out an absolute masterpiece initially, they worked their magic eventually. As eloquently stated by scinkx, “The game was good on release, then aged like fine wine.” Here’s to the gems in the gaming world that remind us it’s not about starting perfect, but improving to reach a level close to it – Cheers!