Honkai: Star Rail’s Player Successes and Struggles in the Fight Club Feature

Gamers share their victories and setbacks in the ‘Fight Club’ arena of the popular game Honkai: Star Rail.

Consider the excitement that comes with a perfect knockout in Honkai: Star Rail. After all, a well-earned victory strikes a satisfying chord. In a recent online session, gamers have been sharing their bruises and triumphs in the game’s Fight Club.


  • Several players have made good progress, with some achieving perfect knockouts.
  • Others found it more challenging, especially beginners and those without well-built characters.
  • One common difficulty point was the fire characters.
  • The use of trial characters and effective strategy around buffs seem to be key to success.

User Triumphs

Some users like ishtaria_ranix shared their success in achieving perfect knockouts, attributing it to ‘exploiting the buffs to their max potentials’ and the use of the trial characters. There’s clearly a sense of understanding their capabilities and playing smart. Radiant-Hope-469 echoed this sentiment, noting their all perfect knockouts with the trial characters.

User Challenges

Not all users found the journey in the Fight Club smooth. The user boss_girl_360 felt the heat from the fire challenges, saying, ‘The fire one is killing me inside’. This sentiment was shared by GenghisMcKhan, who struggled due to the lack of built fire characters.

Strategy Chatter

Despite these challenges, players recommended strategies to succeed. MangoPronto advised, ‘…you have to center your play around the cards you get.’ This is the chess-like element of the fight – every move matters and has the potential to change the course of your game.

So, whether you’re a newbie like HeliosMagnus, or a seasoned pro like Radiant-Hope-469, the Fight Club in Honkai: Star Rail promises to be a thrilling challenge. Adapt strategies, understand the preferences of different characters, and most importantly, enjoy the process. After all, what’s gaming if not a fun way to strategize, play, and knock out trials one battle at a time?