Honkai: Star Rail Universe Decoded – Unpacking the ‘Dr. Based Ratio’ Sentiment

Dive into the world of Honkai: Star Rail – exploring the community’s reaction to the mystery known as ‘Dr. Based Ratio’.

What do the players feel about a peculiar concept known as ‘Dr. Based Ratio’ in the enigma of a game, Honkai: Star Rail? This blog post today gets to the crux of this very sentiment.


  • Players seem to back the ‘Dr. Based Ratio’ with an outpour of support and a sprinkle of humour.
  • A portion of the community believes this is a chivalrous move by the developers to recognise players’ efforts.
  • Some conjecture reflects scepticism, with Talk of Honkai: Star Rail being in decline surfacing in the discussions.

Meme-ing Through The Dissent

While dissecting the discourse around ‘Dr. Based Ratio’, a not-so-subtle embrace of memes surfaces, spicing the conversation. User sageSafe brings laughter to the chat with his comment, ‘He do the Jojo pose, thus making him and StarRail team MEGA GIGACHAD, argument over.’ Ah, a classic Jojo reference, bringing forth a sense of unity even amidst a divide on a seemingly controversial topic.

Love and Excuses

Not everyone is critical of ‘Dr. Based Ratio’. In fact, many have shown love and appreciation for this move. ‘For us players who doesn’t have an Imaginary DPS, this is like giving us all the result of the hard work we’ve done,’ says user Wonderful_Bandicoot2. On the humorous side, Auris12 makes a hilarious claim, ‘Not a waifu auto pass is my favourite excuse. It’s so stupid.’ Maybe, in a universe of intricate lore and high stakes, we all need a bit of comedy to lighten the mood.

The Skepticism Grows

Amongst some joy and memes, a few critical voices emerge as well. One user questions the state of Honkai: Star Rail’s lifeline in the universe of gaming, ‘This [person] here thinking giving away Dr W Ratio is a sign that HSR is dying.’ raises the skepticism.

Despite the mixed opinions, there is no denying the immersive world that Honkai: Star Rail offers. It encapsulates universal themes of dedication, hard work and, of course, a whole lot of fun. Navigating the universe of ‘Dr. Based Ratio’, community spirit shone through the cacophony. Amid the conjecture, one thing stood clear as crystal – the aura that Honkai: Star Rail exudes manages to embed a profound connection amongst its users. And isn’t that the beauty of a well-crafted universe?