Honkai: Star Rail – Uncovering Player’s Sentiments towards Aging Characters

Exploring the players’ sentiments towards utilizing old characters in the game Honkai: Star Rail.

The online dialogue revolving around “Honkai: Star Rail” is brimming with player insights, critiques and sentiments. One recent conversation on a leading online forum that caught our attention, focused on the usage of older in-game characters. The author of the original post, Proton-Electric, raised the question of whether other players still utilized older characters like March 7th, Natasha, and Sushang.


  • The community displays a varied degree of attachment and utilitarian approach towards their old characters.
  • Player’s choices seem to be influenced by their personal preference and investment on characters, and not exclusively by the characters’ gameplay utility.
  • A common sentiment is that some older characters are less relevant in the current meta.

Attachment vs Utility

The responses overwhelmingly reflected a mix of both sentimental attachment and practical utility dictating the use of old characters. As Falcon_13 puts it, his older characters have the most investment making them more superior as compared to characters with incomplete builds. Even love for a specific character like Yanqing leads to his continuous usage as shared by Blaidd_sr. Here, the emotional connect heavily influences gameplay style and character utilization.

The shift in Meta

The advancing meta and introduction of new characters affect the usage of older characters as well. As Makussux explains, despite having E6 Sushang maxed out with a solid relic set, he replaced her with superior options like Kafka and HH. The evolution of meta and better character options lead to the benching of old but well-built characters, indicating a trend of surpassing power levels.

A Matter of Preference

Some users, however, found specific utility in older characters even in the changing meta. For instance, Boinkyboinky mentioned using Pela and Qingque, especially against swarm bosses. gifcartel finds Natasha valuable as a healer. As Bajuu says, he outright prefers Jing Yuan despite having Kafka. These instances reveal the versatility of Honkai: Star Rail’s character roster and how each has their own niche, each appreciated by different players.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the talk demonstrated that in Honkai: Star Rail, the use of older characters is an amalgamation of factors – personal liking, sentimental attachment, utility, investment, and the evolving meta. Users have a vibrant range of perspectives, from clinging to the old to embracing the new. It reminds us that the world of gaming is multi-faceted and diverse, with the unique experiences, preferences, and strategies of players giving it color and dynamism. After all, whether newer, flashier characters or the veterans of the pixel world, each brings a unique flavor to the gaming experience.