Honkai: Star Rail – To Invest Vertically or Horizontally? A Deep Dive

A closer look at strategic decisions in Honkai: Star Rail. Vertical Vs. Horizontal investments, a buzz on Reddit!

The debate has picked up some steam in Honkai: Star Rail’s community about the most effective way invest in one’s Damage Per Second (DPS). One side of this conversation, led by the user According-Dentist469, suggests a vertical investment strategy. Their argument is built on the potential gains from investing more in the same 5* DPS characters, like Jingliu, Dan Heng, and Argenti, rather than expanding the range of your character assets.


  • The vertical strategy could lead to powerful combinations and effective gameplay when implemented properly.
  • The vertical strategy can encourage more in-depth engagement with the character roster and mechanics of the game.
  • The limitations to the vertical strategy hold tangible drawbacks and risk, but are necessary in bringing balance and challenge to the game.

User Reactions and Opinions

The comments section of the thread was buzzing with opinions from users who chimed in to partake in this warm debate. CaptainSarina spoke out stating their opinion as ‘Do what you want, and have fun.’ They staked a claim in the argument by reminding gamers that this is, at the end of the day, a turn-based RPG with no PvP elements and that whatever makes you enjoy the game more should be the way you play.

Advantages of Vertical Investment

Investing vertically not only lessens the necessity of artefact farming but also creates a sense of achievement by boosting eidolon gameplay while building in-game bragging rights. As per Actual-Good5096, who specifically went for vertical investment due to the character design, there seems to be an emotional connection that adds to the enjoyment.

The Downside of Vertical Investment

While the vertical investment strategy holds a great deal of promise, it’s not without its flaws. The most significant downside as noticed by the community, is the limitation in collecting 5-star characters and varied implant scenarios, even though most 5 monsters in the latter scenario are usually trash mobs that require no implant.

In the aftermath of this skirmish of opinions, it appears that strategies may vary based on particular player’s preferences and play styles. Whether one chooses to invest ‘vertically’ or ‘horizontally’, the final merit lies in how much joy and satisfaction you derive from your play. After all, all roads lead to Rome, or, more aptly, all strategies conquer Honkai: Star Rail!