Honkai: Star Rail – The Twist of Bad Luck or Calculated Design?

Exploring the debate on Honkai: Star Rail’s level-up system – a barrage of flat HP or a clever move by developers?

In the immersive world of ‘Honkai: Star Rail,’ a recent reddit discussion has sparked an intense debate over the game’s level-up system. At the center of this conversation is the apparent propensity for characters to accrue flat HP during level-ups. The original post by ‘iCrimson_x’ asked whether this was just a streak of terrible luck or if the game developers had designed this trend deliberately.


  • The incident has brought up questions about the game’s random number generator (RNG).
  • The player sentiment, largely formed by anecdotal experience, leans towards skepticism about the RNG’s randomness.
  • Some players are hypothesizing that the game’s coding might be set up to encourage more grinding.

Player Reactions

‘Ranma87’ compared the experience to previously dealing with Genshin and has claimed to have developed an immunity to such shockers. Does that mean long-time players are resigned to their fate? </

‘gsrcefs’ chalked the issue up to simple bad luck, a classic case of Lady Luck showing her fickle side. Is this an indication of acceptance, or mere resignation to a system the players cannot change?</

‘Last-Let-921’s cheeky question, ‘First time?’ triggers hilarity and perhaps a shared sense of helplessness among game veterans. Is this an inside joke just for the initiated?</

Theories and Speculations

‘HonkedOffJohn’ emitted a theory about potential hidden odds in the game’s code, a suggestion that lit the torch of speculation. As conspiracy theory or not, it adds an interesting dimension to the conversation.</

‘GraveXNull’ took the speculation a notch up, theorizing that Mihoyo possibly programmed the game to have a higher chance of getting defensive sub stats so that players would have to grind more for relics. Would this represent a master-stroke on the part of the game developers, or a diabolical plot to seize more of our free time?</

‘WeirdBeako’s observation provides statistical leeway to GraveXNull’s theory while shedding light on the discrepancy between offensive and defensive main stats. Just because it could be mere coincidence doesn’t make it any less of a fun hypothesis to explore.</

The Conclusion That Dare Not Speak Its Name

Whether it’s lousy luck or a clever part of the game design, the trend towards a surge of flat HP in ‘Honkai: Star Rail’ has gotten players talking, theorizing, and sharing both laughs and groans. While it’s not scientific consensus, sentiments lean towards a coded design. However, in the absence of direct proof, the jury remains out.