Honkai: Star Rail – The Prydwen Tier Lists Debate

Players discuss the influence and perception of Prydwen tier lists in the Honkai: Star Rail community.

Honkai: Star Rail players are having a heated debate on whether Prydwen’s tier lists are merely status symbols for individual favourite in-game characters, with no meaningful impact on gameplay.


  • Many players perceive that the tier lists are used as a validation tool, losing their initial purpose of guiding the new players.
  • There’s a significant rift in the community, with some players valuing character love over tier position.
  • A faction firmly believes that team comp and gameplay understanding are more vital than individual character ranks.

Overall Perception of Tier Lists

According to TacoFishFace, some players treat Prydwen like it’s gospel. This sentiment is matched by other comments, such as Suki-the-Pthief pointing out the hypocritical stand of part of the community, choosing waifus over meta, but erupting when their favourite character isn’t ranked high.

Reliance on Team Composition

cerial13 particularly highlighted the significant role team comps play in the gaming experience and stressed the idea that individual ranks don’t greatly impact the difference in team performance. This notion challenges the entire basis of the tier system.

Shifts in Character Rankings

Interestingly, HugoSotnas highlighted how fluctuating character ranks contribute to the community’s misunderstanding, with people often shocked when their preferred characters drop ranks. Similarly, NTRmanMan reminisces about how one such rank decline led to dramatic reactions.

A huge chuck of the Star Rail community takes these tier lists with a pinch of salt, considering them as light-hearted banter. In the end, the idea of ‘the best character’ is as diverse and varied as the Star Rail gaming community itself.