Honkai: Star Rail – The Heartbreaking Truth behind Luofu Arc

A deep dive into the sentiments of Honkai: Star Rail’s players regarding the seemingly mishandled Luofu arc.

There’s a feeling of bittersweet melancholy sweeping across ‘Honkai: Star Rail’ fans as they reflect on the Luofu arc. Authored by kkkkuki, the original post is both an emotional outburst and a critique of the narrative’s execution.


  • Fans are disheartened by the plot’s unfulfilled potential, particularly the characters’ depiction in the Xianzhou area.
  • The forum is filled with a shared promise of a more compelling Xianzhou’s story arc.
  • Many comments expressed a longing for more emotionally resonant character arcs, especially for characters such as Dan Heng.

The Disappointment

The general sentiment of ‘Honkai: Star Rail’ players is one of disappointment. For instance, NebulousTree’s comment highlights the community’s exasperation over the seemingly wasted potential of Dan Shu’s character. Interestingly, San-Kyu points out that the lack of emotional context for significant moments in the game, such as Blade vs Dan Heng battle, contributed to the overall dissatisfaction.

The Redemption

Despite the prevailing disappointment, some players like Kooky_Comb6051 appreciated some stand out quests, citing the beautiful Scalegorge Waterscape as an example. There’s also a general consensus among fans, as noted by MlXCOATL’s comment, that the developers may have sacrificed narrative depth in favor of hyping other aspects of the game.

Sheer Hope

In the midst of mixed emotions, the hope and anticipation for better future storylines endure. KirbosWrath’s lengthy comment is testament to this, expressing both concern and cautious optimism about the upcoming Penacony arc. All in all, these gamers’ passion for ‘Honkai: Star Rail’ continues to fuel their hope for a more satisfying narrative experience – and honestly, isn’t that what gaming’s all about?

From the disappointment over missed potentials to the glimpses of gratitude for certain game elements, ‘Honkai: Star Rail’ players are clearly invested in the game’s story arcs. They see opportunities to improve and genuinely believe the developers have the capability to deliver a narratively satisfying experience. All in all, these passionate fans await with bated breath to see how the developers will turn this ship around in upcoming chapters. So, Hoyoyoverse, the ball’s in your court now!