Honkai: Star Rail – The Buzz Around Dr. Ratio

Uncover the curiosity around Honkai: Star Rail character, Dr. Ratio, as netizens weigh in on his proficiency.

In a universe fluttering with dreams, intense combats, and robust characters, ‘Honkai: Star Rail’ stands out as a beacon for intriguing on-screen experiences. In one such heated discussion, a character named Dr. Ratio is the cynosure.


  • Majority of comments reflect positivity surrounding Dr. Ratio’s gameplay potential.
  • Dr. Ratio’s visual appeal made quite a buzz.
  • A few users shown concern regarding Dr. Ratio’s initially mystifying persona.

Dr. Ratio – A Powerhouse?

True to the spirit of the game, user AgentMiko speculates Dr. Ratio as being a potentially strong single-target DPS. Working with more debuffers like Topaz, Pela, and SW, he could possibly outperform even Dan HIL in this niche. Agreeing with this latter, fellow gamer panditapochita amusingly quips that Dr. Ratio is not merely a character, but a concept.

The Charming Sorcerer

Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. With Dr. Ratio, it seems to lie everywhere. Player Harias_507 jests about neglecting viability for Dr. Ratio’s undeniable charisma, and humorously calls it the only thing that matters. With five statues of his own and a charming chalk animation, Dr. Ratio seems to have certainly caught the eyes of ARTHURUZB.

Questioning The Unknown

A few users like damual2 express their doubts about The Hunt characters, hoping Dr. Ratio could change this sentiment. Meanwhile, Mashiroshiina12 and neko_mancy seem to simply profess that Dr. Ratio is alright and ‘based’ respectively.

So, it’s not all about just shooting stars in Honkai: Star Rail. There are heated debates, light-hearted banter and intense strategy discussions too. And amidst all this, we find a curious case named Dr. Ratio. Whether a DPS powerhouse, an enchanting sorcerer, or an enticing enigma – only time (and many gameplay hours) will tell.