Honkai: Star Rail – Revelations on March’s Aesthetic Colour Palette

Unearth the sentiment of gamers regarding March’s colour palette in Honkai: Star Rail.

It’s no secret that the colour scheme of a character can dramatically influence a player’s perception, and in the case of ‘March’ in Honkai: Star Rail, it’s having a rather impressionable effect.


  • Players are imbibing a deep connection to the character ‘March’ largely due to her soothing colour scheme.
  • There’s an intriguing blend of humour, adoration and personality pulsating within the community.
  • Much of the sentiment cascaded to a broader conversation about artistic influences and impressions.

User Reactions

From a player wittily asserting “Guys, this is literally my wife”, to another who cleverly quipped, “March~~s color palette~~ is very pleasing to the eyes” – it’s clear that these colourful expressions are taking on a life of their own amongst the community.

Artistic Impressions

One user, evidently caught up in the eye-candy spectacle remarked, “That is because she is coloured like ice-cream.” It seems that the presence of pastel hues has led to a very positive visual feedback from the gamers, lending credence to the amalgamation of gameplay with visual delight.

The Moderation

It wouldn’t be a community without some good old-fashioned moderation, but it’s clear that even Honkai: Star Rail’s subreddit bot moderator has got a mechanised eye for aesthetic beauty.

At the risk of possibly bursting into a pastel-coloured sugar rush, the consensus seems to point towards a unanimous approval from the player community. The aesthetics of ‘March’ has stirred up the community, reiterating the importance of visual presentation alongside pure gameplay functionality. You see, even in a dystopian interstellar adventure, there’s always room for a little colour.