Honkai: Star Rail – Navigating Luck in the New Relic Set

Finding humor and shared frustration in a common Honkai: Star Rail experience; the elusive hunt for proper relics.

The vibrant Honkai: Star Rail community experienced a collective bout of laughably unfortunate luck. At the heart of the matter lies the recent introduction of the ‘follow-up attack relic set’ to the game. When one user, RENZOLIS79, took to share their hapless attempts at farming these relics, it prompted a thread of empathetic responses, shared stories and amusing advice.


  • Many players are having a hard time obtaining ideal relics in the new set.
  • This common struggle has fostered a spirit of camaraderie and humor in the community.
  • A number of players have decided to shift focus on building their other characters in lieu of continued unsuccessful attempts.

The Common Struggle

One can’t help but chuckle as they navigate through the thread of commiserating users. ‘yametekudasstop’ shares their equally unfruitful attempts at farming good relics and even jokes about seeing others with significantly better luck (source). There are amusingly detailed accounts – ‘DeadClaw86’ spent 37 fuels and 3000 TP for a mere 2 usable pieces (source). It would seem that the game’s RNG has a wicked sense of humor.

A Shift in Tactics

Out of said humor arises a practical solution. Some players have shifted strategies and are now focusing on building other characters. ‘Tsukuro_hohoho’ shares his experiences where unsuccessful attempts at finding suitable relics led him to focus on building other characters like Gui and Himeko (source).

A Glimmer of Hope

Despite the widespread laughter at shared misfortune, there is undying hope. For some users, like ‘ace184184’, the key seems to be patience as gear farming relies heavily on luck and can take weeks to yield desirable results (source). We are left with the endearing image of our fellow players persisting, fingers crossed, for that next roll of the dice.

Indeed, the Honkai: Star Rail community’s ability to turn their shared frustration into laughter while providing constructive advice and anecdotes emphasizes not just their love for the game, but also the bonds that are formed within such shared, trying experiences. We may all be passengers on this Star Rail, but it’s these shared moments that remind us, no matter how exasperating the RNG may be, that we’re all traversing these stars together.