Honkai: Star Rail Missed Players’ Voice Finals – Fans React with Hope and Humor

Honkai: Star Rail doesn’t make finals, yet fans’ optimism and wit give the game a winning spirit.

Fans of Honkai: Star Rail are rallying and sharing their perspecives after the game did not make the final round in the Players’ Voice award. A flood of reactions amongst the gaming community followed, capturing varying sentiments and sparking humorous exchanges.


  • Loyalties amongst gamers showcased in voting choices, some for the ‘meme’ fun and others in support of the only game they played that year, as confessed by a player like Mechphantom..
  • An undercurrent of disbelief and surprise about Genshin Impact’s eligibility in the competition stands apparent from GenghisMcKhan’sobservations.
  • Despite Honkai: Star Rail’s miss, the gamer community showed sportsmanship, expressing sentiments like ‘the honor is in being mentioned’, showing their commenter Hot-Implement-1437’s spirit of comradery.

Unfazed Fans

Despite the miss, fans of Honkai: Star Rail stay upbeat. The sentiments range from unwavering support to outright comedic. For instance, user kluevo admitted to voting for Genshin Impact only ‘for the memes’. The fans keep the cheer and humor alive reflecting the gaming community’s resilience.

Mixed Reactions

Debate about the potential rightful winner of the title was a key theme. GenghisMcKhan’s comment about his doubts around Genshin Impact’s eligibility caused a stir. Many agreed, adding other personal favorites into the mix. Some suggested they’d have voted for Star Rail, had it been in the running, indicating its potential popularity and critique.

Perspective and Sportsmanship

Amid the varied reactions, the gaming community also showed admirable sportsmanship. Commenter JadedIT_Tech was all for ‘Team Chaos’ highlighting positivity in the gaming community’s spirit. Many also echoed that it’s not always about winning, but the art of participating, as noted by Hot-Implement-1437 stating ‘the honor is in being mentioned’.

Despite the initial disappointment, the community around Honkai: Star Rail has turned the situation on its head. The humor, perspective, and sportsmanship in their responses transforms the circumtances into a celebration of the game itself.