Honkai: Star Rail – Gepard vs HuoHuo: A Community Debate

Honkai: Star Rail players debate on whether Gepard can solo sustain MOC levels 11 and 12.

Honkai: Star Rail has been lighting up discussion boards with a lively debate sparked by a daring player, Infernaladmiral. The hot topic? The audacious belief that their Gepard could solo-sustain through MOC levels 11 and 12, bypassing the popular pull for HuoHuo.


  • Multiple users are discussing whether Gepard can solo sustain in game levels instead of pulling for HuoHuo.
  • Some members validate this idea while others bring up potential challenges.
  • This discussion has sparked several strategies shared amongst the Honkai: Star Rail community.

The Grand Debate: Gepard or HuoHuo?

A key sentiment within the community, echoed by naka_the_kenku, is that it’s not impossible for Gepard to sustain solo. User Nusayd highlights the safety net that pulling for HuoHuo provides for those not as confident in their Gepard’s sustainabilities.

Power of High Investment

There is a common belief, emphasized by NotAppreciated_Mercy, that a high investment in Gepard could easily sustain a high DPS team unless faced with debuff heavy compositions. This suggests that strategy plays a major role in making this possible.

Community Strategies and Memes

The rushfell‘s sarcastic remark about Infernaladmiral not having an answer and images shared by Engaging_Otaku-Mode7 showcase the humor and camaraderie that exists in the game’s community. They actively joke and share advice alongside these debates, making the game not just about winning, but about enjoying the process and discussions.

In this ocean of opinions and humor, Honkai: Star Rail players are united not just by the game but by the community camaraderie, the shared knowledge, the mutual aid, and the waves of laughter. So, whether you’re a Hail-Mary-risking Gepard superfan or a cautious HuoHuo puller, you’re part of the honking great community that is Honkai: Star Rail.