Honkai: Star Rail – Fans Echo Their Desire For Character Inclusion

Exploring Honkai: Star Rail community’s fervent call for specific character additions in the game.

The Honkai: Star Rail community’s growing voice for character inclusions demonstrates the love and attachment fans have for their favorite roles.


  • The majority of the users revolve their discourse around preferred character additions.
  • The humor and eagerness depicted emphasizes their passion for the game.
  • Various suggestions reflect individuals’ unique gaming preferences.

User Perspectives

‘Things I would do to have these two in Starrail.’ This rather interesting-shaded sentiment is not unique to the post’s author, Harley_Hsi. Many users echo similar sentiments. For instance, a comment from GDarkX says, ‘I would do unspeakable things for a Delta Expy from HI3.’. This further reiterates player’s enduring respects for favorite characters even from previous game installments.

Character Specific Discussions

A particular character seeming to stand out in discussions is ‘Seele’. A user dwen09 expresses that ‘star rail’s seele feels more of like a veliona than a seele already‘. This arouses another contribution from myussi who humorously mentions that ‘Seele is just Seeleless Veliona‘.

A Game’s Impact Through Characters

Character allegiance isn’t exclusive; players vividly demonstrate their affection for roles across different games. As in the case of Ry_verrt who declares, ‘As a Theresa main, I want Theresa in HSR‘.

The compelling emotions gamers display towards character inclusions in Honkai: Star Rail are tenfold. Not only do they reveal players’ desired extensions to their gaming experiences but shine a light on the power of character allure in video gaming culture. It’s not merely about achieving high scores or leveling up; sometimes, it’s just about seeing favorite characters thrive in a new environment.