Honkai: Star Rail – Fans Chime in on Their Favorite Paths

In this blog, we dive into the favorite paths of players, exploring the strategies and sentiments in the world of Honkai: Star Rail.

Honkai: Star Rail, a world filled with characters, enemies, and most importantly, paths. A Reddit user, Mrpizzaz, recently sparked a lively discussion asking fellow gamers about their preferred paths and why – barring the pizza path, of course! What followed was an array of responses reflecting the diversity of the gaming dynamics.


  • A chunk of players lean towards the ‘Propogation’ Path, expressing their appreciation for the character DHIL.
  • Other gamers fancy ‘Nihility’ mostly for the thrill of rolling back a boss’s health bar. It’s oddly satisfying!
  • Some participants find joy in ‘Erudition’, drawn by the character Jing Yuan.

Paths, Characters, and Whirlwind Excitement

When asked about their favored path, a user named Akururu mentioned ‘Propagation’. The character DHIL, best suited for this path, makes ‘every SU breeze’, indicating that the blend of character and path here is just too good to ignore.

Interestingly, other players appreciate paths such as ‘Nihility’ because watching ‘the boss hp bar brrrrr all the way down ignoring their weakness bar’ just hits different. And let’s not ignore the comedic value in giving enemies as many ‘forms of cancer’ as possible, as LordPaleskin humorously noted.

A Dash of Comedy in Gameplay

Early on, Mrpizzaz explicitly asked participants to resist choosing the ‘Path of Pizza’, which made for some entertaining responses. BobbyWibowo still tagged the ‘path of pizza’ as his favorite because well, who doesn’t love pizza? This light-hearted exchange goes to show the sense of community and humor among Honkai: Star Rail players.

And then there’s theblarg114 whose favorite path is ‘Erudition’, and here’s where it gets quirky. This path houses the largest collection of porn, making it the ‘Aeon of Buddy’. Who knew game preferences could be this amusing?

Game Dynamics and Preferences

Not all paths evoke a unanimous thumbs-up from players. For instance, DucoLamia mentioned ‘Erudition’ as a favorite, explaining the satisfaction derived from mastering the Ults and playstyles of their favorite characters, Qingque and Jing Yuan. In stark contrast, other players aren’t as much fond of ‘Elation’, merely describing it as ‘Funny rainbow numbers’…

The different spins on why gamers prefer certain paths over others are what makes Honkai: Star Rail a vibrant and dynamic game, offering a unique experience to each player. But, at the end of the day, it all wraps back to what makes you glance at the clock and realize – oh, it’s 3 a.m. already!