Honkai: Star Rail – ‘Everytime’ Phenomenon Across Gamers

Exploring Honkai: Star Rail’s player experiences with a humorous perspective into the ‘Everytime’ sentiment prevalent in the community.

Gamers submerged in the universe of Honkai: Star Rail are sharing their insight and experiences on a characteristic occurrence they humorously refer to as ‘Everytime’.


  • Players acquaint themselves with recurring situations in gameplay leading to the creation of an internal meme – ‘Everytime’.
  • The discussions reveal a mix of frustration, subverted outcomes, and resilience to these ‘Everytime’ situations.
  • A humorous undertone perforates the dialogues as players share their strategies for dealing with these gameplay quirks.

Subverting Expectations

Pertaining to the comments of ‘ASadChongyunMain‘, players commonly find themselves receiving traits on characters where they are least required, citing ‘CRIT on healers, Effect RES on DPSs’. This apparent mix-up is viewed as an ironic twist by the gaming community, demonstrating how the game often defies their expectations.

Unwanted Bounty

Going by the comment by ‘Dianwei32‘, it appears a lot of players receive bounty in the form of items which are not beneficial for the characters they are focusing on. The irony of obtaining a double Glamoth ATK% Ropes, and Speed while aiming for a different character is another instance of the ‘Everytime’ sentiment in this subreddit.

The Rainbow Set

The comment by ‘Vasava_‘ showcases a lighthearted defiance against game odds with their comment ‘laughs in rainbow set… I never needed the set-effects anyways…’. This portrays not only the resilience of the players but also their humor and spirit in dealing with the peculiar game mechanics.

Realism Over Minimaxing

The ideology of realism over relentless optimization – ‘Reject Minimaxing, Embrace Good Enough’ expressed by the user ‘Artistic-Cannibalism‘ truly encapsulates the gamers’ resilience. It comes across as a mutual sentiment, expressing the belief that it’s beneficial to embrace the unpredictability in the game rather than endlessly chasing the ideal scenarios.

Tying It Up

A look into the ‘Everytime’ situation in Honkai: Star Rail provides a glimpse into how an interesting blend of humor, resilience, and realism shapes the community’s perspective on game’s quirks. As the gamers delve deeper into the world of Honkai: Star Rail, their shared experiences, challenges and victories are humorously encapsulated in this increasingly popular term of ‘Everytime’. Perhaps, it is not always about the perfect strategy, but about the shared laughs and camaraderie.