Honkai: Star Rail – Community Thoughts on Upcoming Supports

Peek into the Honkai: Star Rail lane where players passionately share their preferred upcoming support characters.

Fans of the popular Honkai: Star Rail have been enthusiastically discussing their opinions on the game’s upcoming support characters. The conversation started when user ‘Keydown_605’ prompted others to share who they’re planning to pull for, Silver Wolf or Ruan Mei, and why.


  • Most of the players show their explicit preferences for characters, either based on their personal ‘likes’ or based on strategic gameplay decisions.
  • Some players express concerns about potential financial implications, especially when it comes to collecting eidolons.
  • There’s a decent amount of anticipation mixed with strategic planning for the upcoming releases.

Personal Preferences on Characters

Diving straight into the comments, user ‘Read1ngCmprhnsnDev1l’ states their unbiased preference saying ‘both i like both’. It’s clear as day that this user simply loves the characters and would pull for both without thinking twice.

Strategic Gameplay Decisions

On the flip side, some users looked at it through a more strategic lens. As user ‘Nodomi’ suggests, they are tempted by Ruan Mei as they already have Silver Wolf and fear that by acquiring Silver Wolf’s powerful eidolons, it would start an unending pursuit which their wallet can’t yet accomodate — ‘the moment I get E1 I’m going to want all of them and my wallet isn’t ready for that kind of rabbit hole.’

Fear of Missing Out and Planning Ahead

The topic of ‘FOMO’ isn’t something to dismiss either. ‘Ace_Raisuo’, for instance, has a plan for either eventuality, stating that they plan on doing a multi on SW and if they don’t get her, they’re secure in the fact that they’re guaranteed Mei and will simply start saving for her ‘and a certain colored bird.’

Reserving Judgement for the Future

A few users are expressively uncertain or simply waiting to see what happens next. As ‘JATkfdsajk’ shares, they already have silver wolf and aren’t sure yet if they want to pull for ruan mei— displaying an element of indecision and anticipation for the future ‘idk if I really want pull for ruan mei.’

We leave the lanes of the epic Honkai: Star Rail, leaving players to speculate and plan for the upcoming supports. It’s fascinating to see how invested the players are — driven by personal preferences, strategic decisions, a healthy sense of fear, and a dash of apprehension. So, to all you secretive strategists and proud pros, happy gaming. Suit up, strategize and may the odds be in your favour!