Honkai: Star Rail Christmas Special – Will You Get Ruan Mei?

It’s Christmas in the Honkai: Star Rail universe and players debate: to get or not to get Ruan Mei?

‘Honkai: Star Rail’ players are in a festive mood with a post by ‘darkizzle’: ‘Ho ho ho! Who else is getting Ruan Mei for Christmas?’ Simple yet intriguing, exciting fellow gamers about this festive offering.


  • Users are conflicted about choosing Ruan Mei or saving up for other characters.
  • There’s appreciation about Ruan Mei’s design and probable ability, yet conflicts persist.
  • Not everyone is jumping on the Ruan Mei Christmas bandwagon with several players deciding to skip.

Festive Enthusiasm and Tough Choices

Many responders echo a sentiment voiced by Unknown-Name-1219: ‘I’m deeply conflicted: on one hand, my interest for Ruan Mei waxes and wanes…On the other: she’s absurdly beautiful…I hate this game, why is everyone so interesting to me.’ Sounds like a classic case of gamer’s dilemma!

Santa’s Bag of Yanqings

Among the sea of comments, one in particular from LegoSpacenaut presents a humorous visual: ‘Don’t mind me. I’m just watching Santa stuff his bag full of all the Yanqings he intends to stock the exchange with in a few weeks.’

Skipping for Better Characters

Samashezra plans to ‘ save for 2.0 and 2.1. I’ll live without RM and use E6 Asta, Tingyun, Pela and E1 Bronya for now.’ With the myriad of characters in Honkai:Star Rail, Santa might need a larger sack!

Desperate for 5* Harmony

‘I will! I’m desperate for a 5* Harmony because I’m Bronya-less. I’m at 70 Pity,’ says Dojima91, bringing to light another aspect – the struggle for powerful allies!

In the end, it seems like there’s a mixed bag of feelings surrounding Ruan Mei this Christmas in ‘Honkai: Star Rail’ world. Whether she will be a holiday treat remains to be seen!