Honkai: Star Rail – Celebrating 1 Million PS5 Players with 380 Stellar Jades

Community excitement as Honkai: Star Rail rewards a million PS5 players with 380 Stellar Jades each!

Run for your life because the PS5 players of ‘Honkai: Star Rail’ have hit a million count milestone. To celebrate this joyful moment, the game developers doled out 380 Stellar Jades that left the gaming community brimming with excitement. Rapturous comments and heated conversations quickly followed this announcement.


  • This generous move saw players expressing their gratitude and joy across the forum.
  • Most comments express positive emotions, indicating a strong community sentiment towards the game.
  • There were also some questions about why 380 was the chosen number of jades, but the general mood remained positive.

General Reactions

The gaming community is known for its quirky sense of humour and enthusiasm in the game’s events. One user known as ‘thrown_away_apple’ captured this sentiment best with an animated GIF depicting their reaction to the giveaway which was clearly in exhilaration. As expected, laughs were shared, and the post was highly appreciated among the forum members.

Biggest Beneficiaries

‘SavageCabbage27m’ was among the lucky who cheered the extra Stellar Jades. As an apparent seeker of Stellar Jade, they found it as a fantastic opportunity to increase their Silver Wolf funds. On the other hand, some like ‘YuminaNirvalen’, who didn’t quite grasp what PS5 was, expressed happiness for their fellow players and celebrated the overall win for the Honkai Star Rail community.

Looking Forward

There are also future hopes among the players. ‘Obanai’ expressed his wish that Honkai: Star Rail would also bag the best mobile game award for more freebies. This wishlist item encapsulates the enthusiasm of the players and their desire for the game’s continued success.

As the celebration wraps up, the gamers seem to be twiddling their thumbs with anticipation for more surprises. This level of player engagement highlights why Honkai: Star Rail continues to hold a special place in the hearts of players around the world. Here’s to more milestones ahead, and Stellar Jades falling from the skies!