Hidden Humor in Honkai: Star Rail – The Rick Roll Revisited

Dive into a massive troll by Honkai: Star Rail devs that had the community both amused and confused.

Honkai: Star Rail, a popular game known for its intense star-studded adventure, recently become the stage for a surprising bit of humor. During a special event, the devs sneaked in a meme that left many users scratching their heads and chuckling.


  • The user ‘Shadowraith25’ noticed an interesting pattern in the wording during the game’s special program.
  • A reference to Rick Astley’s famous ‘rick roll’ lyrics were cleverly disguised in the introduction for a faction.
  • The community reacted with amusement and appreciation at this unexpected easter egg.

Unexpected Humor

Shadowraith 25, the user who unveiled this delightful jest, broke down the phrasing to reveal its hidden meaning. Fittingly, the phrase ‘forever resilient’ translated to ‘never give up’, ‘never disheartened’ meant ‘never let you down’, ‘ceaselessly untearful’ hinted at ‘no more tears’, and ‘endlessly present’ was a gesture to ‘never say goodbye’.

LeopoldShark commented, ‘A wonderful poem by Ast Rickley’ which amplifies the underlying humor and ups the fun quotient.

Community Reactions

This piece of ingenuity was received by the community with much amusement and interest. Far_Environment_589 found joy in the humor and fun hidden in the game and videos, while AltairAmlitzer humorously protested the developers’ non-stop teasing. Notably, ThatGuy21134 hailed the developers as ‘top tier meme lords’ in their comment.

Developers’ Playfulness

Amid all the fast-paced action and serious gaming, such a lighthearted jest has proven to be a pleasant break for the community. It highlights the playful nature of the Honkai: Star Rail developers and their interaction with their user community.

Overall, this witty surprise not only brought laughter to the community, but it also sparked a renewed appreciation for the developer’s creativity and sense of humor.