Grasping the Target in Honkai: Star Rail – A Reddit Roundup

A humorous dive into the ‘targeting’ curiosity in the popular game, Honkai: Star Rail. Player sentiment is a sight to behold!

Our journey today takes us into the heart of the game “Honkai: Star Rail” where players grapple with the metaphysical question: “What exactly am I targeting, game?” Mischievous inquiries and humorous interpretations from the gaming community spin a yarn of epic proportions. Let’s get started!


  • The game’s targeting mechanism has stirred up playful speculation among players.
  • While a direct answer remains elusive, players favor humorous interpretations.
  • Despite the confusion, the sentiment veers on the positive side, indicative of an engaged community.

Target Acquired

In a display of community engagement, players are creating fanciful interpretations of the targeting system. User ‘Duckerton375’ suggested, “it’s probably a central axis or anchor point on their 3d model or rig, like a waist pivot point or something.”source

Gaming Humor Aplenty

Players’ responses were colored with humor, as ‘wet_blanket_tinfoil’ playfully suggested aiming “for the baby maker” while another user, ‘FartsonmyFarts’, commented about the supposed “Womb detection tech.” source source Such humorous comments signify a thriving community that doesn’t shy away from a good laugh.

Spoiler Rules Apply

‘AutoModerator’ reminded the community about the stringent spoiler rules in place, reinforcing the necessity to respect others’ gaming experience. source

This light-hearted take on the game’s targeting function highlights the camaraderie among Honkai: Star Rail players. Embroiling themselves in humor and speculation, players seem to enjoy the community engagement that comes with these somewhat nebulous aspects of gameplay systems. As players continue to explore, question, and laugh together, one thing stands clear: Honkai: Star Rail’s community is one that thrives on fun and mutual respect. Keep gaming, folks!