Getting Back to Warzone: The Preferred Weaponry of Today

Getting back into Warzone? A discussion on the top weapons in the game as per players’ experience.

It seems gamers are returning to the battlefield of Warzone after a hiatus, and they’re curious – what are the best weapons to wield at the moment?


  • Comparison between Modern Warfare 2 and current Warzone firepower.
  • Emphasis on adapting to individual player style rather than blindly following the meta.
  • The changing meta keeps the game lively, keeping players on their toes.
  • ISO, mp5, and akimbo pistols are relics of the past, with new favorites emerging.

Current Weapon Choices

Quoting crimedog69, ‘No MW2 Guns can compete’, indicating that the firepower within Modern Warfare 2 does not necessarily give you an edge in Warzone. This supports the original post and makes one wonder if the weapons originally considered best, such as ISO, mp5 and akimbo pistols, are still relevant.

Play with Your Style

withoccassionalmusic humorously suggests it’s all about the aim rather the weapon specifically. ‘The trick is to have terrible aim and then it doesn’t matter what guns you use. *taps head*’, a lighthearted comment that brings a pinch of truth – the weapon you’re most comfortable with is often your best bet.

The Changing Meta

Another aspect to note is the revolving metas in the Warzone game, as noted by jordanleep who states, ‘Meta has been changing pretty frequently and guns get tweaked pretty often’. This keeps players tuned in and continually learning new battle strategies.

Old Favourites vs New Entrants

But have old favorites like ISO and mp5 lost their touch completely? As per Mjgamer1000 puts it, ‘ISO and mp5 will prob get you to 3rd circle but that’s prob it’. Does this reflect a generational gap within the game, or a sign of the evolving meta? Only time will tell.

Moving forward, it seems players must adapt to the changing state of the game, successive strategies, and the meta that keeps them on their toes. Be it the old favorites or new entrants, what ultimately counts is how well you wield your weapon!