Genshin Impact’s Furina’s Triple Spin: A Game Changer!

Discover the buzz around Furina in Genshin Impact as she executes a jaw-dropping triple spin that’s sparking lively discussions.

The Genshin Impact community is abuzz with excitement over Furina’s riveting triple spin. This new move has caused talks of it being considered a ‘game changer’


  • Furina’s triple spin has the community excited, with several comments noting its elegance and originality
  • Players are querying the possibility and mechanic of the triple spin
  • Comments suggest a rivalry among different character mains has surfaced due to the triple spin

An Elegant Whirlwind

Several users have commented on Furina’s prowess and grace. As sgtspook_ states, ‘She’s elegant with it’, emphasizing her beautiful and skillful execution of the triple spin.

A Silent Rivalry

Some comments hint at a silent rivalry festering between Furina and characters such as Noelle and Keqing. Wfing jestingly commiserates, ‘Keqing mains found dead in a ditch’, indicating Keqing mains may want to up their game because of Furina’s triple spin.

The Spin Mechanics

Many users were curious about the mechanics behind the mesmerizing triple spin. Responsible-Chair-17 implores, ‘How to do it’, portraying the players’ keen interest in learning the move for themselves.

Showstopping Showmanship

The overall performance of Furina has invoked admiration among the players. Dark_Magicion notes, ‘She even does a bow afterwards: the absolute showmanship.’, suggesting that Furina’s entire performance, not just the triple spin, is leaving a mark

With this triple spin, Furina has sent the Genshin Impact community into a whirlwind of excitement and discussions. From rivals ready to up their game, to curious players looking to learn the move, to fans simply appreciating her on-field animation, Furina’s triple spin has indeed turned out to be a ‘game changer’.