Genshin Impact’s Fischl Figure Merchandise: A Delight or Disarray? An In-depth Analysis

Dive into a deep investigation of Genshin Impact’s new Fischl figure merchandise, and its varied reception within the community.

The popular game Genshin Impact announces a new addition to their merchandise repertoire — a 1/7 scale figure of Fischl Prinzessin der Verurteilung. Upon release, it evoked a flurry of comments and opinions from the ardent fanbase.


  • Fan anticipation and readiness to purchase the figure
  • Comments indicating perceived alterations in Fischl’s character design
  • Confusion about the release timeline of this and other figures

The Fandom’s Wallets are Ready

The announcement was met with significant excitement, as evident from user FischlInsultsMePls‘ comment about their wallet having been prepared for this moment its entire life. Similarly, user Galaxy_Wing was thrilled to potentially own their first figure, especially since it’s of Fischl, one of their favourite characters.

Questioning Fischl’s Design

However, not all reception was for the merchandise itself. Several users made remarks on Fischl’s apparent new look, focusing on her physique. To highlight a few, comments from users lawlianne and Muzu_ questioned why Fischl seemed ‘thicker’ in the figure as compared to her usual in-game portrayal. These observations sparked further discussion around character design and fan expectations.

Unanswered Questions on Release Timeline

While the anticipated figure release stirs up a mix of excitement and whimsical comments, it also uncovers questions surrounding the strategy behind the release timeline for merchandise. User imdrunkontea pointed out that other figures were announced almost a year ago, with no subsequent updates, while new figures like Fischl were being rolled out. Such dynamics within the merchandise releases intrigued the community, leaving them pondering about Mihoyo’s merchandising strategy.

The myriad responses to Fischl’s figure were not only amusing—they painted a picture of a vibrant, engaged community, with a heavy curiosity for the alluring world of Genshin Impact, its characters and its offerings. Despite the mixed emotions, the overall sentiment remains positive, signalling a continued fan-based support for Mihoyo’s endeavours.