Genshin Impact: Unraveling the Mystery of Arlechino’s Pants

Unpacking fan theories surrounding Genshin Impact character Arlechino’s unorthodox sartorial choices.

Genshin Impact ignites creative discussions among gamers, and one such debate currently revolves around Arlechino’s pants. Yep, you read that right. In a game full of extravagant characters, dazzling magic, and intricate plotlines, trousers have somehow taken center stage. Enigmatically, Arlechino seems to be the only female character in the game rocking a pair of pants, and fans are digging deep into lore, gameplay mechanics, and even celestial principles to shed light on this apparent anomaly.


  • The theory suggests that female characters are forbidden by heavenly principles to wear pants. Arlechino, by identifying as father, purportedly deceives these principles into believing she’s a man, thereby skirting punishment.
  • Fans have offered alternate explanations, suggesting that these might not be traditional pants. Some even proposed the existence of other characters who share this dress code, contradicting the initial theory.
  • The tone of responses is largely playful, with users taking creative liberties to offer their views, veering from whimsical faunal hypotheses to plain old fash-shaming Mihoyo.

Uncovering the ‘Trousergate’

Popular user ‘Soffy21’ came forward with an inquisitive hypothesis that ignited this entertaining discussion. According to our pant-sleuth, Arlechino is one step ahead of the game, fooling the very forces of divinity with clever dress-code manipulation. But is it that simple?

Different Perspectives

‘ShikikanSpineal’ asserts that , debunking the pant theory by suggesting that what we interpret as pants could be something entirely different. ‘rixinthemix’ didn’t comment directly on Arlechino’s attire but suggested another character, named Pantalone, adding to the frolic. ‘TheMerfox,’ scouring his Genshin mental lexicon, retorts with casting doubts over the theory’s validity.

Community’s Response

The thread attracted numerous humorous responses. ‘KaiserNazrin’ delivered one-liner praise, while ‘R3s0lut10n’ upgraded the user’s culinary rank, commending his imaginative ‘cooking.’ ‘Ok_Can_6424’ playfully envisioned the likely response from the game developer itself – launch an Arlechino skin featuring tight leggings! On a progressive note, ‘gilbejam000’ suggested that , taking a light-hearted dig at old-world gender prejudices.

Keep Your Pants On!

In the grand scheme of Genshin Impact, does what a character wears matter? To the players, it evidently does. This innocuous discussion about one character’s fashion choice showcases the commitment of the game’s community to immerse themselves in its details, no matter how small. We look forward to the next outfit anomaly that sends theorists heads spinning!