Genshin Impact Theories: Is Amber Really Her Grandpa’s Only Grandchild?

Dive into this engaging exploration of Genshin Impact’s Amber, as we dig into intriguing player theories from lively online discussions.

Genshin Impact has sparked vibrant online discussions, especially concerning the grand mysteries of Amber’s presumed single child grandparentage. Recently, an interesting theory suggested that Amber might have been her grandpa’s only grandchild, leading to excited debates among fans.


  • The discussion is driven by a theory suggesting Amber might be her grandfather’s sole grandchild, based on various perceived character similarities.
  • Fans enthusiastically debated the theory, with responses ranging from endorsement of this hypothesis to convention of it to a respectful headcanon.
  • Many responders were welcoming of the idea, citing a need for more Amber-related lore.

Reactions to the Theory

‘LivingASlothsLife’ shares, ‘Even if not true it’s a pretty fun theory and I welcome new Amber lore that can be explored’, signifying a positive inclination towards more storyline development for the character.

The Given, and Potential Narrative Spins

One responder ‘Russell-Sprouts3’, speculates ‘Maybe that’s why he left? He learned he had family he didn’t know about and decided to stay in Liyue to take care of Gaming.’ Here, a potentially rich backstory opens up around Amber’s grandpa’s departure.

Appearance Factor

Continuing the support for the theory, boarding the speculation train ‘PhasmicPlays’ highlights ‘True even the eyes are similar’, perhaps paying Sherlockian attention to details often overlooked.

As post and discussions unveil, one thing is clear, there’s more to Genshin Impact’s characters than meets the eye — a reality that fuels intrigue and fan theories beautifully.