Genshin Impact: The True Reality of ‘End Game’ Burnout

Journeying through the end-game burnout of Genshin Impact: Gamer sentiment, reactions, and shared experiences.

Genshin Impact player, Internet_User21, recently shared their feelings on experiencing ‘end game’ burnout after diligently playing the game for two years, not missing any daily tasks or events and reaching the coveted AR 60.


  • User has cleared all available content, leaving them feeling empty and without a new goal to chase.
  • The achievement of 36-star abyss had a significant impact, it felt like ‘beating’ the game to the player.
  • User remains invested in the lore and exploration aspects but considers the game ‘not the same anymore’.
  • Fontaine was not as enjoyable for the user as Sumeru was.

Player Experiences

Several players echoed Internet_User21’s feelings, elaborating on their own daily routines. For user Legal-Weight3011, their daily Genshin tasks take just 20 minutes. User HaydenAshrin also pointed out that the things like exploraion, and adding quest fill up their daily’s, thus completing the game in less than 15 minutes.

Victory or Defeat?

User tonyshark116 humorously congratulates Internet_User21, stating “Congrats, you beat Genshin Impact!” This sentiment highlights the shared feeling that reaching the ‘endgame’ can often feel less like victory and more like defeat, as the content well runs dry.


Some players also sympathised and offered insightful tips to avoid burn-out. Guidance ranged from cym104’s tactical game strategy, to the more poignant ‘if you no longer have ‘fun’ take a break‘ comment by EmphasisEast8428.

So, there it is. The ‘end game’ isn’t always a glowing victory screen, sometimes it can feel like the whispers of the closing credits. Whether you find yourself valiantly persevering through dailies or pausing to admire the scenery, remember to have fun. As our wise Genshin gamers reminded Internet_User21 – and the rest of us by extension – it’s okay to take a break when the fun fades; the world(s) will still be there when we get back.