Genshin Impact: The Primogem Mystery Unraveled

A deep dive into the mystery stash of Primogems in Genshin Impact, as discussed by the community.

The sphere of gamers in ‘Genshin Impact’ has been electrified with a realm-shaking question scratching the minds of many – ‘Where is the mystery stash of Primogems that Hoyoverse is allegedly giving out?’.


  • Vast majority of players are unware of any such stash of Primogems.

  • Concept of a hidden stash to incentivize voting is humorous to some users, yet provoking to others.
  • There is a theory that winning the award could possibly unlock Primogems.

The Great Primogem Hunt

‘I cannot find it anywhere, I checked the mail box and it’s just rewards for Genshin winning another reward’ commented user SLakshmi357. A sentiment echoed by many. Though, user SnakeTGK, pointed out that Primogems are given for major categories in awarding events.

Humorous Takes

On the lighter side, claims of stash locations range from basements to secret passages beneath church altars, adding a touch of humor to the debate. The creative contribution of userEjsberg regarding a hideout in the Church of Favonius had other users chuckling.

Stimulus to Vote

However, this buoyant probe has also steered a serious discussion about how game rewards might influence voting behavior for awards. As userDredgenDyrith shrewdly highlighted, ‘The expectation is that if the award is won, we get Primogems for it’, further accentuating the relevance of such incentives in popular gaming culture.

So, is there a stack of Primogems hidden somewhere, enticing masses to rise in favor of Genshin in TGA’s Player Choice awards? Well, that’s yet to be unveiled. But one thing is sure, the hunt for the fabled stash has amplified the game and its community engagement, proving yet again the pivotal role of in-game incentives in shaping the dynamics of the gaming world.