Genshin Impact: The Exciting Uplift in 4.3 with Furina

Explore the vibrant world of ‘Genshin Impact’ with Furina in update 4.3. See what fans think of the joyful journey!

An infectious wave of positivity is crashing over the ‘Genshin Impact’ subreddit, particularly related to one beloved character – Furina. The lively discussions are surrounding version 4.3 and Furina, striking a rather contrastingly happy note amongst the community.


  • Fans are excited by the optimistic demeanor Furina displays in version 4.3
  • Users tie Furina’s happiness with their own contentment about the update
  • The community is eager to see more friendships form for Furina

Optimism and Excitement

User LivingASlothsLife particularly expresses anticipation over the mingling dynamics with Furina and other characters, whilst Apekecik2071 appreciates Furina’s authenticity, stating ‘The queen is happy, no longer need to wear a facade. She better keep working as a director’.

Connection Between Character and Player Happiness

Several users rally behind the sentiment, ‘happy Furina, happy player.’ Flutterfiery advocates, ‘As long as she remains 👌😀 I’m gonna remain 😀👌. Get happy and keep slaying queen.’

A More Positive Furina?

Back in version 4.2, Furina’s demeanor struck a gloomier tone. Nevertheless, Nekokochaos is pleased to see the past version’s attitude making a return, asserting that ‘Glad to see her pre-4.2 attitude is back. I think she has now recovered from depression :D’.

Thus, version 4.3 of ‘Genshin Impact’ with Furina appears to be a delightful experience for the fans. The character’s optimistic transformation appears to be a beacon of joy for the community, showcasing the strong bond between players and their beloved characters. Here’s looking forward to more jubilant updates in Genshin Impact’s expansive world.